"It’s incredibly exciting to think that something you create can effect change and move out
towards communities who share a commonality."

How It All Began…

OK. First, here’s a little background, I’m the kind of a guy that will take things apart just to see how they work…I don’t care what it is.  I am an inventor at heart.  

I’ll never forget how it all happened that Summer, like it was just yesterday.  We had loaded up the kids, surf boards and Pam's kayak on the golf cart in Paradise Cove to head down to the beach, just minutes from our front door.  Ready to make our great escape, Pam yelled, wait a minute!  I forgot my new pop-open hat!  And she leaped out of the golf cart to run back inside to get it!  With her new pop-open hat in hand, we were off...

Pam and I hit the water right away, my surf board under arm, Pam with her kayak.  The waves were perfect and so was the water.  We stayed out for maybe an hour or more until we both decided to head back to shore and see what the kids were up to.

Standing in the blazing sun holding my dripping board, I saw little Simone playing with Pam’s pop-open hat, propped up to make a tiny Malibu Beach house as shelter for her Barbie, while playing in the sand.  I turned to Pam and said, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if that pop-open hat was large enough for us all to crawl under?”  Once I was sitting on the beach I picked up the hat and began folding it closed and popping it open…over and over again.  Hmmm, I wondered if I could make a large version of this hat for a cute beach shelter for all of us?


And that’s how it all started, once we were back home, I disappeared into my “Tough Shed” and began to turn my inspiration into a reality as I sketched my first concept for the original “Surf Hut.”  

I knew we were on to something because every time we took the prototype on the beach, people went crazy, they wanted to know where they could buy one?

Finally, I turned to Pam and said, you know what?  Why don’t we make it?  Then everyone could buy a Surf Hut from us and we could make a little money on the side!  And that’s how it all began! 

Want to join us and become part of all the fun?